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What are Angels?   Guardian Angels
Angel of Light   What are angels? These amazing, beautiful beings are all around us. Where do they exist? Can we see them? Connect with them?

Learn about the angelic realms HERE
Guardian Angel   Every person has a Guardian Angel, overseeing your life and gently guiding you along your life's journey.

Connect with your Guardian Angel HERE
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Archangels   Asking for help
Archangel Metatron   There are numerous Archangels, the most common are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. They each help in different ways and carry a unique energy.

Bring the Archangels into your life HERE
  Ask the Angels   We all have free will and therefore the angels can only help us if we make a request

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Angelic Qualities   Signs and Symbols
Angelic Qualities   Focus on positive, angelic qualities to bring those energies into your life and the lives of others.

Which angelic quality do you want? HERE
  Feather   Angels leave their calling cards as signs and symbols all around us. Are you open to the messages the angels leave you?

What messages are there today? HERE
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Birth Angels   Patron Angels
Birth Angels   As well as our Guardian angels, we each have a birth angel that is linked to us on the day we are born, based upon the month, day and tiem of our birth.

Connect with your birth angel HERE
  Patron Angels   We can call upon any angel or Archangel to help in a particular situation, but sometimes it helps to call on an angel by name, who is directly associated with an event.

Find a patron angel HERE
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Wings   Angel Stories
Angel Wings   Throughout history angels have been seen and drawn with wings. What are they? Do you have angel wings?

Fly with the angels HERE

Thoughtful Angel   Many people have shared their wonderful angel stories with Sue. Here she shares them with you, so you too can be inspired.

Once upon a time... HERE

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World Angels   Angelic Hierarchy
American Indian Angel   Sue collects angels from all over the world, showing a great diversity in style and materials used. Here she shares many of her angels and the stories behind them.

Travel with the angels HERE
  High Order Angels   Traditional cultures catagorised the angelic realms into different realms and choirs, each having a specific set of responsibilities.

Join the choirs of angels HERE

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